Timbangan Statis (Axle Load Meter)


Timbangan Statis (Axle Load Meter) KLZ Series Vehicle Wheel Load Tester is to measure the wheel load of a vehicle, the measured weighing value is an important factor for calculation of the brake efficency.

Automobile wheel weight detection station is my company into the advanced foreign technology and developed a new generation of automotive wheel for detecting heavy testing equipment for motor vehicle inspection line, the motor vehicle sector supervision and maintenance industry.


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  • Capacity Load 10.000kg, or 15.000kg
  • Quick drive-through testing mode
  • Anti-stanting weighing design
  • Accurate and stable measure
  • Extra-stronge structure body
  • Wheel load or axle load data display
  • LED digital display or Computer
  • Can be integreated with 2 more equipment by VIS Control System
  • Mini printer
  • Standard RS-232 signal connection

KLZ wheel weight detector Main technical characteristics:

  • Can be measured wheel vehicle quality, vehicle axle load
  • Split structure, measurement stable, easy installation
  • Configure high-precision sensor; measurement accuracy
  • Configuration of high strength steel integrated structure body, durable; ease of maintenance
  • Configuration by low speed measurement mechanism, high efficiency
  • Installation without anchor bolts, to facilitate safe and efficient transfer
  • Full of intelligent instruments, with zero-tracking
  • Instrument for high precision strain gauge sensor, accurate test data reliable
  • Standard RS-232 serial communication interface to facilitate networking